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Reader's view: Schultz will work for economic stability for all

Recently I had the opportunity to meet with Jen Schultz, candidate for Tom Huntley’s job in the Minnesota Legislature. After talking with her, I have no doubt she should be elected District 7A’s representative in the House.

Schultz is a born leader who will work for economic stability for all households. She now serves as director of the Health Care Management Program in the department of economics at the University of Minnesota Duluth, a program she was recruited to design and lead.

Clearly, Schultz understands the economics of health care financing and policy and will be able to lead policy discussions and write legislation as soon as she begins in this position. Her overall expertise in economics also will serve the state.

Schultz currently serves in several elected positions at UMD, including chairwoman of the Strategic Planning and Budget Committee. She also serves on the All-University Benefits Committee, which makes recommendations on benefits packages for all university employees. Schultz’s governance experience involves developing policies across differences.

We will all benefit from Jen Schultz’s strengths when she represents District 7A in the Minnesota House of Representatives. Join me in learning more about her and voting for her in the November election.

Barbara Elliott