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Reader's view: Park Point coalition’s efforts have been ignored

This is in response to the July 6 Sunday Opinion cover about the announced recall of Duluth City Councilor Sharla Gardner (“Gardner under fire”).

As a member of the Park Point Street End Coalition, I feel our efforts to be part of decisions made for our neighborhood have been ignored.

After the tier II street-end resolution was amended by Gardner and passed by the City Council, instructions were for our community to meet to discuss implementation. At the council meeting, Gardner was not listed to be part of that discussion.

In the first week, our coalition and community members met and constructed a letter of questions regarding further actions. Certified copies were sent to all the council members and to the mayor. A written response was requested by our group. To date, after more than a month, we have received no written or oral communication. The council has allotted 90 days for implementation, and half those days have passed.

Gardner refers to a meeting scheduled for the end of July. Our group has received no notification of such a scheduled meeting. In fact, there has been no response from Gardner, the City Council, the planning department or the mayor. This is a very important issue to our community and will also affect future land use in our city and state.

Ideally, government works with and for its citizens. Frustration with a lack of response and dialogue is what leads to recall measures like the one initiated against Gardner.

Lisa Berthel