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Reader's view: Can’t keep up with Duluth’s tax hikes, add-on fees

When will we ever see fiscal sanity with the Duluth City Council?

On Monday, councilors are expected to read for the second time and pass the DFL Duluth pothole tax.

As a landlord, I am constantly asked why rents are so high in Duluth. This is one reason. I can’t seem to raise rents fast enough to keep up with the tax increases and all the add-on fees. My plan is to start acting like Minnesota Power and Comfort Systems and add line-item fee surcharges to my leases so tenants know where their money is going. Then they can share the pain and think before choosing who to vote into office.

I read the six-page ordinance to create a street-maintenance fee. It doesn’t really spell out the fee, so apparently it has to be passed so we can find out what’s in it. Sound familiar?

Lee Conrad