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Reader's view: KDAL-TV story brought back many memories

The News Tribune’s Andrew Krueger did solid research into the history of KDAL-TV for his June 7 story, “Soon to be history, Palladio played host to history of its own.” He informed readers of the current building’s demolition and the passing of an era. My first TV job was at KDAL as night receptionist in 1956. That was only two years after Channel 3 went on the air.

In the mid-1950s, all local TV production was live, and a female hand often was needed to demonstrate commercial products such as Bridgeman’s ice cream. I was recruited. Without realizing it, I was learning the craft of TV production.

I did commercials for Master Furriers and Goldfine’s, shared IGA commercials with John La Forge (who would become vice president and general manager), was a panel member for the show “Shadow Stumpers,” and was the Bingo Girl on “Herb Taylor’s Bingo Party.” I clearly remember the “Earl of Henton,” Bill Krueger, Dick Anthony, “Gordo” Paymar, Dottie Becker, owner Dalton Le Masurie (hence the call letters KDAL), and the amusing and supportive engineers and crew.

Graduating from the University of Minnesota Duluth in 1960, I headed for the University of Nebraska to pursue a master’s degree. I began doing live commercials at KOLN/KGIN-TV in Lincoln and wound up hosting and producing more than 10,000 TV shows. Working in TV for more than five decades, I’m still at it, hosting a cable TV show for seniors, now that I am one.

But it all started at KDAL-TV, and I am forever grateful.

Thanks for the memories.

Leta Powell Drake

Lincoln, Neb.