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Reader's view: There once was another side to O.J. Simpson

In the late 1960s I went to school with O.J. Simpson at the University of Southern California where I had just transferred (Kato Kaelin column: “20 years later, some thoughts on O.J., unwanted fame and media lies,” June 15).

I first met him in a store when the clerk had said, “You’re on the cover of Sports Illustrated, O.J.!” I didn’t know who he was and apologetically told him so as we waited in line. He humbly said, “Oh, it’s just a football thing.” We saw each other several times on campus and he was extremely nice. We then sat next to each other in an economics course (which both of us couldn’t stand). He was a devoted husband and family man at that time.

After graduation, I saw him at the Los Angeles Coliseum when he was a sports commentator. Again, he was a genuinely nice guy who seemed happy to reconnect with a classmate.

Needless to say, no one was more shocked by the ultimate turn of events. I am not defending him, and it seems he was not the person many of us thought we knew. But at one time there was another side of O.J.

Vicki Surges