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Reader's view: The farmers have all left Minnesota’s DFL

There really is no “F” anymore in the DFL, or Democratic Farmer Labor, Party. Simply look at the red/blue election results by county in Minnesota for 2012. The “farmers” of the DFL realized which party really has their interest at heart, which party is pro-economic development and pro-job creation, which party stands for rewarding hard work with personal gain, which party truly values life and supports the Second Amendment, and which party reflects the values of hard-

working Minnesotans.

Consider the debate in the DFL concerning PolyMet Mining and other proposed copper-mining projects (“Copper mining resolution exposes rift among DFL members,” May 31). The “L” in DFL was in favor of moving copper mining forward; environmentalists in the party not so much. This debate had to lead the labor body to consider which party actually incorporates its values.

Which party actually supports job creation and economic stability through environmentally prudent development? Which party supports the continued economic viability of the Iron Range?

We are rapidly approaching a revised two-party system in Minnesota: the RFL and the D’s. Take a hard look.

Tom DeSutter