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Reader's view: Hypocrisy evident in Native American sports names

I see a certain level of hypocrisy in Native Americans’ attitude. The News Tribune’s April 20, “Native Nations pride on display,” caused that observation.

The pictures with the headline showed Native Americans in full headdresses and robes while high-stepping to a musical beat. They obviously were showing their pride at how they used to dress for special ceremonies. But let a school like the University of North Dakota or a professional team use a name like Warriors or Chiefs or whatever and do the same dance at the games, then watch out: Loud protests and lawyers will come after you.

So, when the schools and teams quit honoring Native Americans, Native Americans becomes irrelevant and no more special than the next guy.

I don’t want Scandinavians to become irrelevant. Therefore, since I am 100 percent Swedish/Norwegian, I propose a school adopt our heritage and call themselves the “Herring Chokers.” I would be extremely proud. That would make us special.

H. John Strom

Houston, Texas