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Reader's view: Medal of Honor recipient deserved front page

I am writing regarding the front page of the May 14 News Tribune, which featured four articles, including a half page spread for Minnesota Power meeting the wind requirement early and an article on maternity leave.

Somehow these were deemed important enough, along with the other two, to relegate a Medal of Honor recipient to the back page (“Ex-Army sergeant receives Medal of Honor for actions in Afghanistan”).

I can’t understand the editors’ thought process on this. That sergeant is an American hero who went above and beyond the call of duty. How is that not worthy of the front page?

It saddens me to see this war in Afghanistan being forgotten by the public. As a veteran, not a day goes by I don’t think of my time in Iraq and the friends I lost while there. That soldier deserved every bit of recognition for his actions.

I hope in the future News Tribune editors consider changing their thoughts on what deserves front-page status.

Ethan Anderson

Two Harbors