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Reader's view: Time for Duluth to boycott Fond du Luth Casino

After reading all the articles about the Fond du Luth Casino, I can’t help but wonder why anyone who lives in Duluth ever would patronize the establishment (“Casino solution elusive,” May 11). It seems obvious the band has gotten greedy and found a loophole to keep all the profits, allowing it to get around its side of what appears to have been a very fair (if not slanted toward the band) agreement.

Now we as citizens are left holding the bag for all the money the band agreed to contribute. There are new fees and increased taxes being assessed to all of we Duluthians, some who can least afford it. Meanwhile the band goes merrily on its way, collecting millions in profits from all the poor saps who go down and pump money into their casino.

I cannot support a business that operates this way. If money is the only thing band officials care about, we should hit them in the pocketbook. We should all boycott their casino and encourage neighbors and friends to do the same until they see that we are not the doormats they take us to be.

Timothy Kevin Rooney