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Reader's view: Let DNR manage state’s wolves for greater good

The recovery of the timber wolf population in the state of Minnesota is one of the great conservation success stories of our time.

The timber wolf has been one of the most heavily studied wild species in the state of Minnesota. The Department of Natural Resources has closely monitored wolf populations. Under DNR management since the delisting of the wolf from federal protection, Minnesota continues to have a substantial wolf population that continues to thrive. The intent and result of DNR management, which includes hunting and trapping, is to maintain a healthy wolf population while managing and promoting a wildlife resource that can be utilized to benefit all segments of the public. This is the point of resource management: providing the greatest good for the greatest proportion of the human population, from those who only want to view wildlife to those who fish and hunt.

Fishing and hunting, by the way, are constitutionally protected rights in Minnesota. It is presumable this constitutionally protected right to hunt extends to wolves as well.

Our DNR is a professional, highly trained organization. Its officers are highly skilled and have great track records for successfully managing our wildlife populations, from walleye to whitetail deer — and, yes, even the wolf. They have no intention of making management decisions that would endanger the future of any species, including the wolf.

The state of Minnesota currently has a very good wolf management plan designed to ensure and maintain the long-term viability of our wolf population.

It’s time for Twin Cities-area legislators to stop introducing legislation designed only to appease animal-rights extremists and let the DNR manage the wolf for the greater good of all Minnesotans.

John Fisher