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Reader's view: Recovery from mental-health issues slow, but possible

May is Mental Health Month. I want to share that I do have mental-health issues, but I am not a mental illness. I believe recovery is a day-to-day process. I have dreams, hopes and wishes just like everyone else. Recovery consists of going through baby steps, long strides and different stages. I always will have symptoms, but how I deal with them positively is a unit of recovery.

It’s a slow process, just like any other illness recovery. For me, it consists of a lot of things I am currently doing, having, etc. It is also seeing the light at the tunnel, and there is one. I don’t know how long the tunnel is, but I am hopeful I will be walking out of that tunnel. Seeing that light is a step toward recovery.

We don’t know how long the road to total recovery is or even how many bumps we will experience on that tunnel road, but at least I know I am on the road to it, bumps and turns along with it. I’m surviving and so can everyone else. Find good support people and there is life, jobs, etc., even if you have a mental-health issue. I have a part-time job, my own place to live, and I am feeling good.

One other thing I want to say to the city of Duluth: Why was money spent to get a study done to find out there is a very strong need for affordable housing (“Duluth has the region’s most unaffordable rental housing? April 25). Just ask anyone on the street or who you work with. I feel it was a waste of money that could have been spent on something more vital than a study to tell us there is a housing shortage. Please get real!

Rena Jo Carey