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Reader's view: Wealth does not give one the right to buy government

I don’t begrudge any person living in our country his or her wealth. Oftentimes, the very wealthy worked very hard for their fortune. They spent countless hours at their vocation, quite often giving up much of anything else in their lives. They earned their money and deserve the right to enjoy it.

However, they do not have the right to use that fortune to buy our political and governmental systems. Regardless of what track we take in life, we all should have an opportunity to be part of who is elected in office and who sits in any level of our government. We have lost that right.

I know pundits will say we all have the opportunity to exercise our right to vote, but no way can my $10 campaign contribution have the same effect as the billions given by the wealthy in our society.

Our American populace better wake up soon, understand what is happening to our country, and take some action. We are well on our way to an oligarchy. And if you don’t know the definition of the word, look it up; I did.

Terri Aiken