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Reader's view: Something fishy in Park Point Small Area Plan

The Park Point Small Area Plan is not passing the smell test for those of us who live on Park Point. Moving the S-curve from where it is to one block off the Aerial Lift Bridge would be mind-boggling to say the least. Despite a city-requested feasibility study conducted by SEH engineering, which didn’t make a recommendation about moving the S-curve, the Planning Commission, in its infinite wisdom, voted to rubber-stamp a special-interest group that wanted the change. Even the Small Area Park Point Plan Committee had voted to leave the S-curve as it is.

At least one councilor seems to be spearheading a drive to back-door this change, which would negatively affect the lives of all of us on Park Point and many Canal Park businesses.

In a jam-packed Planning Commission meeting on April 30, those of us in attendance got a firsthand look at Chicago-style politics (“Commission OKs Park Point plan,” May 1). The meeting was to discuss the Park Point Small Area Plan and to make a recommendation to the City Council, yet many of us who will be affected were not allowed to speak due to Planning Commission rules. A city councilor who was allowed to speak voiced his approval of moving the S-curve and of the agenda of the special-interest group. The councilor swayed the majority of Planning Commission members to approve recommending its move.

Next stop: City Council.

W. Michael Medlin