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Reader's view: Plan for Park Point needs much more work

Our community’s passionate about Park Point and upset about the possible ramifications of the Park Point Small Area Plan, which recently was recommended by the Planning Commission.

Changing the S-curve to accommodate limited commercial development would not solve traffic or safety issues but possibly increase them. Current traffic’s noted to be handled adequately with the present street configuration until 2035. Safety issues will exist no matter where the street is located. Taxpayers don’t need this expensive project.

Developing street ends to provide beach access would disrupt the neighborhood and ignore the issues of parking, implementation, cost of improvements, responsibility for facilities after established and more. Lakes in Minnesota establish access points when need demands. Currently, Park Point offers beach access at 12th Street, 30th Street and at the end of the Point, where there is continuous access for more than a mile. These points offer parking and amenities (garbage, toilets). Developing access points every four blocks, with blocks chosen arbitrarily, would burden neighbors living on those tier-two streets. There needs to be a discussion of legality, the need for access, frequency of access, and how the burden would be fairly decided.

Plans reach far into the future and need the respect of serious and in-depth discussion culminating with compromise and the best plan for the neighborhood and visitors.

A vote was taken once by the Planning Commission, and one commissioner verbally inferred a desire to get this business decided quickly so new business could be addressed. We on the Point feel our business is not done yet.

The Park Point plan next goes before the City Council, perhaps as soon as Monday at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers. The public’s allowed.

Please join in supporting councilors sending this plan back to the Planning Commission for complete input and study.

Lisa Berthel