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Reader's view: Obama stacks deck against hard-working Americans

Cabela’s is a name recognized worldwide. Richard “Dick” Cabela died on Feb. 17, 2014, at the age of 77. I was impressed by his humble beginnings selling fishing flies and his American dream of growing his business. In America we all have an opportunity to become whatever our hard work, integrity and never-give-up spirit allows.

Would Dick Cabela be able to pursue his dream in President Barack Obama’s America where successful hard-working Americans are villainized? The answer is no. All we hear from Obama and his Democratic cohorts is the constant drumbeat of class warfare and calls to tax the rich. Liberals feel the rich do not deserve the fruits of their hard-earned labors. Obama and the Democratic Party have done an excellent job of creating class envy.

The Obama and Democratic playbook, along with a willing liberal media, have done much damage to the hard-working spirit of Americans. We have fewer jobs due to Obama’s war on coal, offshore drilling and Keystone XL pipeline. Obamacare has ballooned government bureaucracy while decreasing private, full-time jobs in order to meet all of the thousands Obamacare regulations businesses have to meet.

It is time for a real change, and the opportunity this November is in the hands of we who believe in the American dream of opportunity and freedom.

Julie Hindman

International Falls, Minn.