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Reader's view: New state tax laws hit senior citizens hard

Here’s a heads-up for married senior citizens. My state of Minnesota standard deduction was $2,050 less than federal allows, which adds that amount to your taxable income for state purposes. I’ve read a lot in the news about the state bringing the tax code into compliance with federal guidelines. So I called the Minnesota Department of Revenue thinking I should get a small rebate on the $2,050 I had to claim on my state income tax. I was told that while the new laws were to bring the state into compliance with federal codes, it didn’t include everything, and this was one that was not included.

So, my fellow seniors don’t check your mailbox or bank account expecting a pittance from the state, because it won’t happen.

My “thanks” go to Gov. Mark Dayton and the Legislature for raising taxes so significantly last year and for their “attention” to senior issues.

Dean A. Berg