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Reader's view: We need to protect the fish of Rainy River

I was glad the cold spring kept the Rainy River iced over until well into April. I have felt that the fish on their spawning run should be free to continue upstream at this part of the river. These fish are very vulnerable. They are resting here below the Sioux Rapids, which is quite long and swift. If they are caught and released a few times they may be too tired to continue their run upstream — if they live at all; many are killed and are lost.

We have seen a steady decline in the numbers of fish on this upper end of the river and also on the Littlefork and Bigfork rivers, which are tributaries of the Rainy River.

I was discouraged to see a big splash in the Duluth media about this fishing. We need to reduce this practice not encourage it. I am surprised the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has not seen the fallacy of this practice and put a stop to it.

Lloyd H. Barg

International Falls