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Reader's view: Religion does not hold a privileged status

I would like to remind the writer of the April 22 letter, “Letter writers should not mock God and his believers,” that we are indeed in America, where, by law Christianity and other religions don’t hold any privileged status, and where, whether it’s a religion or a philosophy, opinions are subject to criticism and rejection. Because one person believes does not mean all others have to buy her belief. And using terms like “seditious” or “denigrate” is the stuff of hate speech itself.

Believe anything you want to: that Christ rose from the dead or that ghosts walk among us. That’s entirely your right.

I read the subject of the letter to which the April 22 letter was complaining about; and while the language was a bit rough, I didn’t see the original letter “mocking” God. The writer of that letter was reviewing a movie (which I have not seen), and a Hollywood movie, no matter how devout, is not the word of God — and it is subject to criticism.

The April 22 letter mistook criticism for chastisement, for an attempt to “rob” her of her freedom to believe as she chooses. I get very tired of writers who assume they stand on a place of immunity. All statements, philosophies, religions, and politics are subject to another person’s “opinion.”

And yes, ma’am, in this America we have a right to an open forum. It’s guaranteed by the Constitution, which defines us as a nation. That’s as American as you can get.

Ray Allard