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Reader's view: Hunting wolves is about killing, not managing

What is the real reason for hunting wolves? Pro-hunting advocates say it is to manage the wolf. I disagree. It is apparent from the smiles on every hunter’s face that they take pleasure in the deaths of these animals. The killing is carried out with malice and the prolonged suffering of wolves caught in snares and traps goes way beyond management.

What kind of example are these people setting? Taking obvious pleasure in the killing of another sentient being is sadistic and should not be allowed. If it truly is “management” it should be carried out by trained staff of the Department of Natural Resources and done in a strictly humane fashion. There is nothing humane about the current situation.

The people killing wolves are not doing it as a management tool. They are out there taking great pleasure in their blood sport. Calling it a management tool is an attempt to legitimize the real reason: the pleasure they get when they kill.

How is it possible to manage the kill when there are hunters in the woods with guns and no one to oversee what they are doing? I have heard bragging about the number of wolf kills and the warning to other hunters: Don’t get caught.

This new plan is a green light to kill as many wolves as possible and to torture them when they can get away with it. Is this “hunting?” No, it is the legitimizing of the sadistic practice of trapping and snaring.

Gail Matthews