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Reader's view: Bloomberg attacking law-abiding gun owners

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is pledging $50 million to further infringe on legal, law-abiding gun owners (“Former N.Y. Mayor Bloomberg to spend $50M on gun control,” April 17).

What is it in him that he is trying to disarm those of us whose rights are protected by our Constitution? This is from a three-term mayor of a city with very restrictive gun laws and has through-the-roof crime and murders.

Chicago, the murder capital of Illinois, is another city with restrictive gun laws. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is anti-Second Amendment. Mayor Emanuel was President Barack Obama’s chief of staff.

Is Duluth’s Mayor Don Ness a member of this anti-Constitution group?

In these times of government trying to control our lives we must make sure in the upcoming election that we vote for those who are pro-life and pro-


Tony Sheda