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Reader's View: Humans can learn from the needs of chicks

Ah, spring, time for the chicks. Yes, fuzzy little, yellow baby chickens delivered in a crowded box. It’s essential to get the chicks out of the overpopulated box, which lacks food, water and space, to give as many chicks as possible a chance at life.

I think of that chicken situation when I think of what we as humans are doing to our box (the Earth) of entities (humans). It was obvious too many chicks for the space would cause illness, injury and starvation. Why can’t we realize that for humankind? Why don’t individuals and especially social civic and religious groups recognize that managing the number of humans on Earth is closely related to civilization as we know it?

Many of us grew up in a time when space and resources seemed unlimited. We now have information to the contrary. We witness illness, war and suffering, which, if we thing about it, are caused by too many people for finite resources. Like the chickens, we will suffer and die if we don’t control our population. Wars, subjugation and inhuman conditions will become more common. It never works to have only a few chickens in with resources available.

Our world will suffer unless we move to control population and evenly give access to resources like food, water and health care.

One or a few chicks always seemed to “take over,” hog resources and peck weaker chickens to death. I am pleased Gov. Mark Dayton has made moves to at least attempt to eliminate bullying behavior in our state. Translated to the chick situations, that means one or a few chicks need to be prevented from injuring others, grabbing all the resources and denying resources to more-needy chicks. Gov. Dayton is bringing us into a more human or humane culture.

Margaret Olson