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Reader's View: ‘Know-it-all Democrats’ don’t know everything

It sure is awesome to read and hear the Democrat leadership and talking heads explain how the Republicans are to blame for a Democratic economy.

The party that protects the little people and working men and women.

President Barack Obama’s decision to make gasoline out of corn. The large number of Democrats has no idea of the effect that has in driving up the cost of fuel and food. The little people and working class have bad habits like eating and heating their homes and driving.

Has the large increase in the cost under Obama since he took over office hurt the most people (especially the little people) and the working class? But this is the Republicans’ fault. No jobs, stagnant wages are going down. Who does that hurt? The little people and the working class.

When you don’t know what the huge increase in the price of corn affects and can’t figure the effect on your personal budgets, that is the Republicans’ fault, too.

Just to inform the “know-it-all Democrats,” here are a few things going up in price: fuel, dairy, poultry, beef, pork and cereals. The little people and the working class don’t use any of those.

When Democratic leadership speaks on a subject or the talking heads speak on a subject, facts and the truth are not required; the only requirement is a severe case of diarrhea of the mouth and blubbering endlessly.

Gordon Marty