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Reader's view: Turtles sometimes need help to cross roads

Please be aware, as spring and summer are upon us, that turtles are endangered animals and sometimes need help to safely cross our roads. We can help by pulling over and gently moving the turtles in the direction they’re heading.

Please do not pick up turtles by their tails; that hurts them. Pick them up by the rear instead.

Don’t take turtles home. Keep wildlife wild.

Turtles should be out starting in May and through July looking for nesting locations. Usually these locations are where roads cross wetlands, creeks and rivers. Turtles looking for nesting spots are more likely to be moving very slowly in the early morning or late

afternoon and evening.

Finally, if you see a turtle egg or turtle eggs in the sand or in the dirt, please don’t touch. It is against the law to remove turtle eggs.

Rhonda Sievers


The writer was certified as a turtle ambassador in July 2013 by the nonprofit Nature Abounds (, which is based in DuBois, Pa.