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Reader's view: Benedictine Health Center diversifying to serve, thrive

The staff at the Benedictine Health Center agreed wholeheartedly with Friday’s editorial (Our View: “Lawmakers’ work for elderly not done”). The News Tribune can be thanked for its efforts to bring this issue to light.

For the past several years, nursing homes in Minnesota have struggled with rising costs and funding cuts. Unlike some stand-alone nursing homes that have been severely challenged, the Benedictine Health Center has been fortunate enough to allow for expansion to diversify our services so we don’t strictly rely on nursing-home funding to serve our mission.

We are looking toward an exciting future with the opportunity to provide an even broader range of services. If you’ve been on our campus lately — which we share with the College of St. Scholastica and our sponsors, the Benedictine Sisters of St. Scholastica Monastery — you couldn’t have helped but notice the construction that this summer will be the setting for an innovative new model that will change the way seniors are cared for in our region. It’s called Marywood and will feature a culture that combines purposeful living and medical care to support the needs of those who require more than what an assisted living provides or those who normally would be served by a traditional nursing home.

The Benedictine Health Center has been a pivotal part of the Duluth health-care community since 1980: We provide compassionate, traditional nursing-care service to more than 500 residents annually in the health center; an opportunity to “age in place” for an additional 80 tenants of Westwood Senior Apartments with independent and assisted living; and memory care to 21 residents of Westwood Terrace. We’re also a provider of multiple supportive programs and community education, and we serve as a community resource on senior care. We look forward to serving the ever-changing needs of our community’s seniors for years to come.

Katie Redig


The writer is administrator and CEO at the Benedictine Health Center (