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Reader's view: It’s time to get past biases and legalize medical marijuana

Federal drug law lists cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug having no medical benefits; ergo any research is illegal. So Gov. Mark Dayton is now proposing illegal research, which I support as one more step on the road to legalizing the drug completely (Our View: “Pursue compromise on medical marijuana,” March 25).

To say the governor and law enforcement are on the wrong side of reality and history is an understatement. All the money spent on interdiction and punishment has created employment and a class of criminals unnecessarily, along with enriching drug dealers, but has otherwise been an abysmal failure.

It’s time to get past personal biases and self-protection and legalize marijuana. I would be remiss not to include the notion of tax revenue over undeclared drug profits.

The time is now.

George Balach