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Reader's view: Don’t spend money to accommodate condo owners

Back a few years ago a freight train was parked and was to be stored for a few months on tracks along London Road. A view of the lake was totally obstructed there. It was an ugly sight! Thankfully, after much complaining, it was easily moved away, being on wheels, and all was well with world.

The ugly sight at the bottom of 21st Avenue East cannot be moved away and cannot be moved back where, more than likely, it belonged.

Why should the city of Duluth spend thousands and thousands of dollars to accommodate those who bought condos, knowing the Lakewalk would be in their front yard? The developers had to know how close to the water the building was going to be. Does one think the developers didn’t have blueprints?

The city of Duluth sees to it that you have enough square feet on your property to build a garage and that property lines are heeded. It seems to me someone must not have been doing their job in this instance or was looking the other way while the developer pushed it through.

We hear about it happening in bigger cities all the time. I recall growing up in Boston there was a very big bridge built that went absolutely nowhere. Of course that was the same city with a mayor who went to jail and then was elected governor.

Frank McMurrough