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Reader's view: ‘Son of God’ movie is well worth seeing

I disagreed with movie reviewer Richard Roeper’s critique of the currently highly acclaimed movie, “Son of God” (“Regardless of faith, ‘Son of God’ isn’t worth your money or time,” Feb. 28).

The close-ups and the excellent acting of the story characters kept me riveted to the screen. The trial and crucifixion scenes were especially dramatic and emotionally moving; actor Diogo Morgado gave an exceptional performance, considering who he was portraying.

Is this movie worth spending $10 (less for matinees) on and 138 minutes of your time? In my opinion, absolutely! It is the wonderful redemption story for all mankind portrayed on screen at the beginning of the Lenten/Easter season.

We each have our own opinions regarding a given movie. I certainly recommend seeing “Son of God.” Don’t miss the forest for a few trees. Don’t miss the essence of the story because of a reviewer’s criticisms.

Joy Pyle