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Reader's view: Help kids around world get an education

It's always good news to have education contract negotiations settled with the benefits of the students in mind. ("Minnesota State, faculty union agree on new contract," Dec. 12). Most people agree about the importance of education since it brings higher earnings, better health, and a chance to improve one's lot in life.

Unfortunately, 363 million children in our world don't have the opportunity to go to school. So it surprised me that none of Minnesota's congressional delegation signed on to cosponsor House and Senate measures supporting the Global Partnership for Education. With new funding from donors around the world, the partnership can give 25 million more children the chance to go to school over the next three years.

You can help by asking senators and representative to cosponsor these bipartisan resolutions. Millions of children will be grateful.

Willie Dickerson

Snohomish, Wash.