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Reader's View: UWS taking away students' choices

This is regarding the elimination of academic programs at the University of Wisconsin-Superior to restrict the choices of first-generation college students ("UWS suspends several programs," Nov. 1). After all, as university administrators said, those students "tend to get overwhelmed by too many course offerings."

My aunt did not finish high school because her parents needed her to work to contribute to the family. My mother did not finish college because her children needed her to work β€” a single mom needed to feed her children. Their choices were restricted by poverty.

As a first-generation college student who became a first-generation faculty member, I say with confidence: You don't serve first-generation students well by taking away their choices. No one in my family has been served well by taking away their choices.

You serve first-generation students well by supporting them in making good choices.

David Beard