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Reader's View: Republican Party doomed to failure

U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake will be missed by the GOP ("Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake will retire, citing direction of GOP under Trump," Oct. 24.

Rank-and-file Trump supporters may not realize this yet, but former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon and President Donald Trump have turned the Republican Party into a modern-day "Know Nothing" party. Sen. Flake was targeted by Bannon. Why? Because Flake didn't endorse Trump in 2016 and consistently criticized Trump. Blind loyalty was not something the senator was not going to give Trump.

The GOP sadly has sold its soul to Trump.

The party, while enjoying full power in Washington today, is, long-term, doomed to failure. Its failure to realize the culture wars are over, failure to provide a realistic alternative to the Affordable Care Act, and failure to lead on immigration reform are just three reasons the party will end up on the ash heap of history.

The senator had his flaws, but what politician doesn't? He was principled, too, and he was willing to seek compromise, as his record on immigration as part of the Gang of Eight showed.

The GOP is going to learn the cost of driving out true leaders like Flake but only after it has been put on the ash heap of history. History will record that Sen. Flake warned Republicans time and again. He also left for posterity a speech that will go down in history as the beginning of the end for the GOP and Trump.

Eric Lindell