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Reader’s View: There’s a side to Lofald you don’t know

I am Jill Lofald’s older sister. There is a side of her voters don’t know.

We grew up in Morgan Park, a family of five children whose parents both worked and one had a second job to keep us fed and clothed. We moved to Esko. The steel plant closed.

My sister knows poverty; we lived it. Want to participate in something at school and not be able to either because you can’t afford it or your parents’ work schedules can’t provide transportation? She understands; she has been there.

It is this background that explains why Jill Lofald has organized rummage sales and other fundraisers and has written grants so kids in speech and debate would be able to participate, even at the national level. If she didn’t raise that money, those hotel rooms, airfare, and other expenses would have been covered from her own pocket. If students can’t afford appropriate attire for speech and debate meets, my sister makes sure they have it. If a student doesn’t have a ride home after practice or a meet, my sister takes them home.

My sister goes above and beyond for her students’ success. She’ll do the same on the School Board.

Patty Hollingsworth Murto