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Reader's View: Rename Duluth to honor Native Americans

The country is in the midst of a rapid change to our history. Monuments to anything Confederate are being torn down. Columbus Day is on its way out. Even the Founding Fathers are under fire.

Why, then, are we content to have the city of Duluth named after a man who used Indian slaves on his exploits and who undoubtedly cheated the local indigenous population by trading them worthless trinkets for furs they had worked hard to acquire, as was the common practice of white traders then? Daniel Greysolon Sieur du Lhut stole land from the Dakota Indians and fought the Iroquois.

For those who don't know the truth about du Lhut, check my sources for all this — the Minnesota Historical Society, the Canadian Museum of History, and Encyclopedia Britannica — and learn. Then ask city leaders to rename the city with a name honoring the Native Americans who were here first. It'd be about time.

Dave Lukasek

Fort Denaud, Fla.