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Reader's View: Nolan takes bipartisan lead on climate change

We would like to recognize, with appreciation, U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan of Minnesota's 8th Congressional District and U.S. Rep. David Joyce of Ohio's 14th Congressional District for joining the Congressional Climate Change Solutions Caucus. They show great leadership and wisdom in joining with and working with the other 44 bipartisan congressional partners of this caucus who have overcome party division to work toward the creation of a climate solution.

Nolan was the first representative from Minnesota and Joyce was the first from Ohio to join the Climate Change Solutions Caucus. They demonstrate how courageous individuals from both parties can work together to overcome the paralyzing polarization in Congress by addressing this international crisis of climate change. They show that there is a way for members of both parties to work together to solve this critically serious and costly problem that affects everyone, regardless of political or socioeconomic status.

This bipartisan effort serves as an opportunity for the development of dialogue and mutual respect that can allow Congress to work successfully on other vitally important issues that our country and world must address.

Our hope is that Rep. Nolan's and Rep. Joyce's important gesture and sincere efforts to work across party lines will encourage the rest of Congress to join them and take decisive action against devastating carbon pollution.

This action would require the rapid passage of legislation, including the revenue-neutral carbon fee and dividend plan, a market-based solution soundly supported by both parties. This climate solution would provide rapid reductions in carbon pollution, reducing carbon dioxide emissions 52 percent below 1990 levels within 20 years while creating 2.8 million new jobs, saving thousands of lives annually, and significantly benefitting family incomes of all except for the very richest of Americans.

Lucy Grina and Michael Overend

Two Harbors

The writers are volunteers for the Citizens' Climate Lobby (