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Readers' View: Don't punish dogs for attack

Three dogs accused of “attacking” and killing a miniature Sheltie in Cloquet face potential euthanization, according to the June 14 News Tribune story, “Charges filed in Cloquet dog attack.”

This is absolutely ridiculous. Why are the dogs being punished?

Were these three "attack" dogs born as "attack" dogs? Probably not. More likely they were trained to attack. It's so easy for society to blame the dogs and want the dogs killed. Where is the justice in punishing the dogs?

The owners were charged with misdemeanor counts of dangerous animals-attack by an animal and dogs running at large, charges that carry maximum penalties of 90 days in jail and $1,000 fines. A fine? Big deal.

Why do so many in society jump on the euthanization bandwagon when it comes to animals? Shame on those who blame the animals in such situations.

Nancy Archambault

Lake Nebagamon