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Reader's View: Duluthians need to start caring better for each other

Our elected officials on Capitol Hill are proposing massive cuts to social programs, including Medicaid ($800 billion), food stamps ($196 billion) and Social Security disability benefits ($72 billion). When you factor in the rising cost of day care, health care and college, and when you consider how wages have been stagnant since 1973, not to mention the rising specter of increased automation (as many as 47 percent of all jobs "computerized" within the next 20 years), it's not that hard to see the horrific storm that's headed our way.

If we hope to survive as a society, we're going to have to think and act on a more local level by forging a new "mutual aid" society that's based on caring about each other and our shared basic needs for food, clothing and shelter. Currently, Duluth's Local Solution to Poverty Forum is negotiating with the City Council to establish the Homeless Person's Bill of Rights. There are

hundreds of people in Duluth for whom housing does not exist and the waiting lists can be up to two years long. In the lengthy interim, people should not be harassed if they have nowhere else to live but a tent or, at best, their vehicle. And everyone should have access to hygiene and laundry facilities.

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Jon McCoy