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Reader's View: Minn. waterways lose in Trump budget

After reading the News Tribune's June 1 editorial (Our View: "Don't give up on Great Lakes now"), I am deeply concerned about what the budget proposed by President Donald Trump would mean for clean-water protections in Minnesota.

As the editorial mentioned, Duluth and other places on Lake Superior have benefited greatly from the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, a program Trump seems to be seeking to eliminate, even though it provides critical tools for cleaning up industrial contamination and pollution.

Sadly, there are other proposed cuts readers also should know about.

The Trump administration has proposed eliminating funding to fight sources of water pollution, such as agricultural runoff. Slashing these funds could result in an increase in water pollution across the entire state — not just near Lake Superior. As the land of 10,000 lakes, Minnesota stands to be uniquely hurt by these cuts.

Such budget cuts also would mean fewer environmental enforcers on the beat to stop polluters.

Clean drinking water, tourism revenue, fishing, recreation and the way of life Minnesotans enjoy all depend on the waterways of the state.

U.S. Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken should reject Trump's proposed budget.

Minnesota and its waterways were placed dead last in Trump's supposed "America First" budget. Minnesotans deserve better.

Tasha Statz-Geary

Gloucester, Mass.

The writer is from Environment Minnesota.