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Reader's View: Lofald a strong voice for School Board

We are thrilled and excited to have Jill Lofald announce her candidacy to represent District 4 on the ISD 709 School Board.

We're supporting her in her candidacy because we long have known her and the Hollingsworth family. Our families grew up in Morgan Park a block away from each other. Lofald and her husband Roger Lofald have been married for 40 years and are very dedicated to their children and grandchild.

Lofald taught English, speech, and theater for 39 years, 31 of them at Denfeld. She coached speech and debate at Denfeld her entire career and continues coaching in retirement.

We're very proud of Lofald's commitment to the Duluth public schools. See sees firsthand the excellent education Duluth schools provide and knows the challenges they face, especially in the western district. Her communication skills, professional experiences, passion for education, and desire for the best for students throughout the district will be an asset in her decision-making. These skills also will help her work with other board members to come up with the right decisions for the district.

Please vote for Jill Lofald, a strong and effective voice for the School Board in the 4th District.

Paul and Peg Podemski