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Reader's view: A few points of advice for our new president

President Donald Trump stuffed his cabinet with multi-billionaires and cronies in the mistaken apparent opinion they can best run the country for we the people.

Trump was not elected to “run” our country but to serve and protect all. Some of our taxes are for established programs and for new ones that provide all with enhancements. Without them, hardships would befall those less fortunate than Trump. They’re programs that are for him, as well.

There is no investment provision for taxpayer speculation on Wall Street. In my opinion, we should never take that risk.

If we privatize all functions of government, our country will wind up completely owned by oligarchs.

I implore Trump and his administration not to touch our Social Security and other programs designed to enhance our lives — and his.

He should not forget that he became rich on the labors and sacrifices of many war heroes: those who came back unscathed, those who came back severely injured, and the many who didn’t come back at all. Nine of my family members served in the military. Two died in action, and one was wounded. I love my country and would serve again if called upon to do so. The Pledge of Allegiance is sacred to me.

In addition, I ask that Trump not dictate what’s taught in our schools, especially U.S. history. We have great teachers all over our country who love their jobs and children and who are gifted and innovative. Let them teach. They are one of our greatest assets.

Jim Barschdorf