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Reader's View: Don't let Trump pull us into his alternate universe

Novelist Lewis Carroll sent Alice through the looking glass. There she encountered the White Queen, who had a remarkable ability. She could believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

The White Queen had nothing on President Donald Trump.

He seems to believe he is a wizard businessman in spite of a series of spectacular flops like Trump Steaks, Trump University, and the Trump Taj Mahal. Just what kind of financial genius loses almost $1 billion running a casino?

He said he won the presidency in a landslide, whereas Hillary Clinton garnered almost 3 million more votes.

He claimed his Inauguration Day crowd outnumbered President Barack Obama's, despite clear photographic evidence to the contrary. As comedian Richard Pryor said, "Who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?"

Trump stated that 3 million to 5 million undocumented aliens cast presidential votes, despite contradictory testimony by voting officials of both parties. He disregarded the obvious absurdity that people accustomed to lurking in the shadows would take such a chance of attracting notice and risking deportation.

He seemed to believe the Affordable Care Act was a complete failure. But pre-existing conditions were eliminated by the act, caps on coverage went away, the soaring rate of increase in the cost of health care slowed, and the uninsured rate nosedived.

He said global warming was an insidious plot invented by the Chinese to disrupt our economy, although the vast majority of climate scientists disagree. Meanwhile, the Earth has now experienced its highest-ever recorded temperature for three years in a row.

Don't let Trump drag us all through the looking glass into his alternate universe, where name-calling supersedes rational debate, where egotistic bullying replaces negotiation, where political ideology trumps science, where intelligence and expertise are scorned, and where "alternative facts" substitute for reality.

James J. Amato