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Reader's View: Trump failing to bring country together

As has been witnessed these days since the Jan. 20 inauguration, President Donald Trump needs no one to "give Trump a chance," as a letter Feb. 8 urged.

Trump has been very able to take charge while continuing to voice his distortions and outright fabrications, while promoting unqualified cabinet members, and while sneering at those in disagreement with his flurry of executive orders. (Remember how Republicans and right-wing pundits roared in disapproval of President Barack Obama's executive orders?)

Trump has not done anything to bring the country together and everything to keep it fearful and frenzied. By the way, he didn't have a majority of Americans vote for him, as just above 50 percent of eligible voters voted for president, giving him less than 25 percent of those eligible to vote while Democrat Hillary Clinton received over 25 percent of those eligible to vote. Clinton also received nearly 3 million more votes than Trump.

Like the writer of the Feb. 8 letter, I am a veteran. I served in the Vietnam War. Many veterans of various wars and service to our country are not supporters of President Trump's policies, behavior toward others and/or his business activities.

Richard Bjorum

International Falls, Minn.