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Reader's View: Introduction of Ojibwe language to Duluth schools a great idea

Living in a community that is part of territory originally inhabited by Ojibwe people, I am pleased Independent School District 709 has added an Ojibwe immersion school this year for kindergartners. I am a senior at East High School, and this year was the first time the Ojibwe language was introduced here at East in my four years of attendance. As an Ojibwe, I believe it should be taught everywhere and that more people should be aware of the importance of a language that is fading away. If we lose this language, it may never be recovered.

According to the First Speakers: Restoring the Ojibwe Language program, “A language is lost every (14) days,” and the Ojibwe language is one of those endangered. Elders in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas are fighting to save this valuable language by passing it down to the next generation. I am taking the language in an effort to carry on my birth-given traditions and culture.

I applaud the Duluth school district for including Ojibwe language as one of the language classes offered. I encourage others to learn their native language or have the experience of learning a “foreign” one.

Miigwech (thank you) for your time for reading this.

Raven Beaulieu