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Reader's view: Support is needed for people who are homeless

In recent weeks, there has been a push through the “Homes for All” program to get a bill passed that would provide further financial support of $39 million for housing and services to those who are homeless. With the new Duluth housing complex for homeless, this is providing the homeless with the right resources to succeed in life, and this is what we need all across Minnesota.

With the increase in homelessness, there need to be more efforts made to help those who are most vulnerable. The homeless are hit the hardest because of the lack of affordable homes. This includes seniors, people with disabilities, and children who comprise

50 percent of Minnesota’s homeless population. It is important to support those who are homeless because we will then begin to see the decline in those who are on the streets.

Once we can get those who are vulnerable off the streets and into the stability of housing, better outcomes will follow in education, health and economic development. Once rights and dignity are given back to the community by providing more housing options for the homeless, there can be significant positive changes. This is what the “Homes for All” bill would do.

Cassandra Whiteside

St. Paul