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Reader's view: Renewable energy good for the environment, economy

The debate over whether or not global warming is true is getting tiresome. I fail to see how anyone questions an entire field of climate scientists, all of whom agree that global warming is not only real but is caused by human activity.

That said, it's time to focus on practical solutions. Minnesota is in the top tier of states investing early in renewable energy, ranking sixth in wind power production and 25th in installed solar production. There already is a large renewable energy job sector in Minnesota that continues to grow, benefiting our economy and our climate.

There is enormous room for growth in renewable energy, and with new technologies and better policies we are seeing more installations of renewable-energy technology around the state. The next step is to limit carbon pollution from power plants, the largest source of global-warming pollution. Fortunately, President Barack Obama has promised to limit carbon pollution from power plants and continue to invest in renewable energy as part of his Climate Action Plan.

Chris Kartheiser

St. Paul