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Reader's view: 'Son of God' brought audience to tears

Don't fall for the movie review that was in the Feb. 28 News Tribune ("Regardless of faith, 'Son of God' isn't worth your money or time"). Regardless of your faith, "Son of God" is indeed worth your time and money!"

Wow, to think there may be people out there who might give the News Tribune's review credit and not see "Son of God." God forbid!

It has been a long time since I've seen a movie at the theater worth sitting through. With "Son of God," I could've stayed right there and watched it again. Actually most of the people there stayed through all the credits as the movie continued in the background. It held my attention all the way through. The big screen makes you feel you are right there in the movie. My heart was warmed, my heart was broken and tears were shed -- and not just by me but by others around me. I could see eyes being wiped, and I could hear sniffling. Poorly done movies don't do that. I thought the music, costumes, scenery and special effects were very well done. And to see Jesus with a smile (not a "smirk," as the reviewer said it) was a welcome change.

If you haven't seen it, go. And take someone with you.

An extra plus: there was no nudity, no sex and no use of the f-word. There was violence. Jesus was scourged and crucified for the sins of the whole world, so some parts weren't pretty. But it was far less violent than the "Halloween," "Friday the 13th," and vampire-type movies.

Maybe reviewer Richard Roeper had a bad day. He sure had a bad review.

Paula Odegaard