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Reader's view: Nugent borrowed Obama slur from Hitler

I must comment on the outburst last month over rock musician Ted Nugent calling President Barack Obama a "subhuman mongrel" and his subsequent apology for using "street-fighter terminology."

I never heard those words used on the street. The only place I ever heard of those words being used was by Adolph Hitler and his criminal, racist Nazi gang. These are not the words of a street-gang member but were the words of the ultimate racial murderer. And they should never be uttered by a human being again.

Except Nugent seemed to find them appropriate to describe a sitting American president.

As lawyer Joseph Welch told Sen. Joe McCarthy during the Communist-hunting hearings of the 1950s: "You have done enough. Have you no sense of decency?" This should be said out loud to anyone who supports or gets any support from Nugent.

Nugent's words were not in criticism of the president's policies, his planning or anything he has done or not done. They were words calling into question his race and heritage. They belong in no modern political argument. They were words of hatred.

Anyone who thinks we here in the United States could never devolve into the sectarian armed conflicts that are now occurring around the world, take notice. The first thing you do is deny your opponent's humanity, make him less human than you are. The rest will come easy. Remember, slaves were considered property and not equal humans as the rest of us.

Bryce Makela