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Getting Soaked? 'Let's have a discussion'

“I’m not disputing the need. I’m not disputing the engineer’s narrative, even. (And I’m) not necessarily disputing the process as much as saying, ‘You know, where are we at as a community?’ …

“I’d like to see more transparency in city government. And what I mean by that is rather than to follow down the well-worn path of creating a community narrative on a particular challenging issue for the city, I would like to see a more broad-based approach and take a look at all of our infrastructural needs, you know, which are many and great. …

“I get it. the city needs money. We all need money. Let’s have a discussion. Maybe that’s where I disagree with everybody in City Hall. And I’m frankly not grandstanding with it or anything, but I believe we should have a community discussion about all of our needs. You know, this community is very proud, of Scandinavian descent, and people are really asking, and I’d stake my reputation on this, people are asking for that kind of discussion. And it takes a lot of courage, it takes good leadership, to do that. And I’m just hopeful we can have those discussions. …

“The burden is on the taxpayer, and, frankly, most people are tapped out.”

— Duluth City Councilor Howie Hanson in an interview with News Tribune Editorial Board members about a water rate increase proposed for Duluth municipal water customers.