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Getting soaked: 'Like needing to fix your roof'

“It’s like if you own a home and the roof is leaking, you have to replace the roof. You don’t have a choice. If you don’t replace your roof, the damage to your home and the long-term consequences are much worse. It can be difficult, and it can require you to make some hard choices, but not fixing the roof isn’t an option. … We want to be able to engage the community in a conversation (about) not only what the need is but  people’s ability to pay. … This is like needing to fix your roof. Is this a rate increase that you will be able to manage? …

“We really do want to hear from people. … We wanted to give everyone lots of lead time on this.”

— Duluth City Councilor and Public Utilities Commission member Joel Sipress in an interview with News Tribune Editorial Board members about a water rate increase proposed for Duluth municipal water customers