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"Time for House members to support Minnesota’s cities"

Robert Broeder

“This is a shot in the arm for cities across the state. The governor is making a wise decision by choosing to invest some of the surplus money into programs like LGA (local government aid) that help keep our state healthy and poised for a bright future. This $21.5 million will allow cities to invest in the critical services and infrastructure that make our communities more livable for residents and better for businesses. 

“Now that the governor and the Senate have come out in favor of an LGA increase, it’s time for House members to support Minnesota’s cities as well. We encourage our legislators in the House to address the concerns of their constituents and the communities they represent by supporting an LGA increase.”

Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities President and Le Sueur Mayor Robert Broeder, in a statement Tuesday to media, including the News Tribune Opinion page, after Gov. Mark Dayton included $21.5 million for LGA in his supplemental budget