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Candidate's view: Sovereignty resides in ‘we the people’

I am not a liar or lawyer, but I am the only qualified candidate for attorney general in Minnesota.

Incumbent Attorney General Lori Swanson does not represent the people, only agencies and judges.

I see the integrity of our elections under systematic assault via the heinous denial of due process by judges and lawyers. We do not need 87 county attorneys refusing to force states to clear their voter rolls of deceased voters and failing to enforce laws against illegal immigration.

I say protect consumers, abolish commitment panels, and prosecute fraud and the criminal conduct of public officials, requiring them to pay for their own legal counsel.

I am a widow, whistleblower, retired real estate entrepreneur, consumer, advocate, mother, grandmother and blogger with thousands of forensic files in pdf format.

I supported former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura in his recent defamation lawsuit.

And I am dedicated to preserving the constitutional republic ruled by law and the concept that sovereignty resides in “we the people.”

I am also blind in my left eye, and I believe eye doctors are addicting patients to dangerous eye drops, compromising their immune systems and causing death and disabilities.

Sharon Anderson is a Republican candidate for attorney general in Tuesday’s primary election. Learn more at