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Outdoors blog: Good lynx sighting -- and photos -- on Gunflint Trail

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Nice lynx sighting -- and photos -- from the Gunflint

This Canada lynx emerged onto the Banadad Ski Trail near the Gunflint Trail last weekend when Duluth's Faris and Bonnie Keeling were skiing there. (Faris and Bonnie Keeling photo)

This is a tighter shot of the same lynx. (Faris and Bonnie Keeling photo)


And here's a going-away photo showing the long tail and the pointed ears of the lynx. (Faris and Bonnie Keeling photo)

     Duluth's Faris and Bonnie Keeling had probably a once-in-a-lifetime wildlife sighting while skiing the Banadad Ski Trail along the Gunflint Trail north of Grand Marais last weekend.

     "We saw a critter on the trail far ahead," Faris Keeling wrote in an e-mail about the encounter. "Just a dot at first. It heard us and went into the woods. I watched where it went, and we stopped just short of that. The [Canada] lynx cautiously stalked out onto the trail, 10 to 15 yards ahead of us -- and uncomfortably bigger than we had thought they were...

     "For several seconds, it carefully examined us with a fierce, intense stare. Then it apparently decided we were harmless and uninteresting, neither predator nor prey... It casually turned its back on us, showing off its high haunches, its short, black-tipped tail, and its tufted ears in profile.

     "It continued leisurely traveling up the trail ahead of us for at least a quarter-mile, occasionally stopping and staring back for a few moments as we followed at a respectful distance. Then it went into the woods again, and we went on past."